“I no longer feel alone!” Tilsha

Squeezing cheese curds, digging for carrots, kneading sourdough bread and gazing in wonder as the bubbles drift up in our boza – these are the things we yearn to do together, with a friend. As we find our way back into the ancestral streams of wisdom, we are also finding each other – scattered across the globe, united in our shared desire to learn from, celebrate and bring to life the incredible food wisdom held by our ancestors.

Born from the desire to gather around each others’ kitchen tables, our Patreon membership is an open invite to everyone who wishes to scoot their chair in and join us. Patrons enjoy:

A bustling Discord channel that hums with the lively questions and kitchen experiences of companions from around the world

“The discord community is a supportive, insightful, wise and fun group of people trying, like me, to live a more ancestral life. The topics of conversation are fabulously diverse, from raising chickens to the perfect glamping tent, and I learn something new every time I log in. If I have a question or a problem there will be someone there with the solution – the depth of knowledge in the community is incredible!” Amelia

Here’s a peak at the community, hosted on the ad-free and feed-free Discord:

“The discord is a welcoming, non-judgemental, diverse, creative group of friends with whom I can explore ancestral cooking and the broader ancestral lifestyle. Whenever I’m stumped or needing encouragement, a wise friend will have the exact suggestion I need. And there is always someone tempting me to start yet another fermentation project.” Hanna

A Treasure Trove where members can download bonus content including our first podcast cookbook, recipe folders and how-to videos.

Just a few of the files available on our Treasure Trove:

A private, ad-free podcast feed full of exclusive episodes as well as after-show tidbits from our guests:


“I love the private podcast episodes & getting my cooking questions answered by Alison and Andrea!” Kelsey

A monthly live call where the village can come together to share, listen and enjoy each other’s company.

“I love most the live time we have together on Zoom once a month! it’s so real and fun!” Deb

Patreon is a membership program where listeners can support the podcast financially by joining with a monthly or annual subscription at one of four levels, each offering a variety of benefits.

Visit our Patreon page to read about our different levels and patron offerings, and learn more about what we share!

“This community is what I had been looking for but never finding in social media, and I feel so grateful to have found it here.” Amelia