Welcome to Ancestral Kitchen Podcast, where we celebrate ancestral food wisdom in a modern world kitchen. 

We believe that ancestral food wisdom not only transforms our health and repairs our food systems, it is also the simplest and most economical way of eating – and anyone can bring it into their own kitchen. Our mission is to provide ongoing inspiration, support and encouragement that will help you bring honest, deeply nourishing food to your table at every meal.

Here you’ll find real valuable support to help you do just that – over 70 episodes, supportive downloads, details of the podcast community and our books – everything personally designed by us to help support you bring the ancestral way of life into your own home kitchen!

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What Our Listeners Are Saying

  • A Pure Delight. I LOVE this podcast. Alison and Andrea are so much fun to listen to and learn from. I feel validated, encouraged, and motivated every time I listen. Their conversations always make me feel like I’m sitting at the kitchen table (or working in the garden) with them as they discover and discuss aspects of ancestral kitchens, health, and life.

    - $1l3nc3

  • Well done! Very rarely do I anticipate a new episode from a podcast: I usually can take or leave most shows. But this pod has been lovingly binge listened, and I can’t wait to hear what you two do next! Thank you so much for such a wonderful podcast!

    - Dana Bailey

  • A fast favorite that will keep you coming back for more! I can't say enough good things about this show, where to begin?! I've learned so much that I can turn around and put into practice in my own home & kitchen that same day, what a blessing! Andrea & Alison are so fun to listen to and it's amazing to hear them share the things that are working for them both even though they live in totally different parts of the world. My family has been blessed so much by what I've learned from this show, 10/10 recommend!

    - Philly_Girl22

  • Timeless. This show is fantastic and I’m usually listening in the car with my one year old son (who now recognizes your voices) or cleaning my kitchen after a long day of cooking, I like to think that if our female ancestors had radios this is what they would be listening to while scrubbing their cast iron and rendering their tallow and it makes me smile to think about whilst bringing me closer to them. Always look forward to an episode, thank you

    - mhopley

  • Love!! This podcast has been life changing and such a joy to listen to as I’m carting my kiddos around. I’m excited to add things back into our diets/lifestyles that I saw my Nanny doing while I was growing up. Excited to do Alison’s Rye Sourdough class to start the adventure into sourdough! Thank you ladies—this is needed and you do it so well!

    - JennBrown214

  • Wholesome Podcast about Wholesome Food. I stumbled upon this podcast, drawn in by Alison’s beautiful radio voice and Andrea's delightful quirkiness. These ladies draw you in and dive deep on ancestral food topics, from preparation to the history to the farming and food production means needed to sustain truly wholesome nutrition. I truly look forward to listening in on their conversations and have picked up many new ideas from the show. Highly Recommend!

    - when is food ready?

  • Life-affirming. These women are so lovely and feel like good friends. I wish they were two hours long. Thank you Andrea and Alison.

    - bringthe90sback

  • Encouraging! Never do these ladies make you feel like you are “less than” or “behind” in your health journey. Just honest discussion and great tips and tricks and years of experience. I look forward to every episode! Also their cookbook is lovely and full of inspiration!

    - Susan.27

  • Motivating and eye-opening. Ladies - I hope you will keep this podcast going forever!! Thank you for inspiring me!

    - Bmmurdoch

  • A true gem in the natural health world! I am so thankful I found this podcast! Alison and Andrea are a joy to listen to and are both a wealth of knowledge on the ancestral eating lifestyle. You guys are great, keep it up!

    - mjiwsvy.lp

  • Simply, the best! I am a HUGE fan of this podcast. The information really is simple and the steps given are so helpful. I SO enjoy listening, it is like a comforting chat with old friends. Wonderful show and content ladies, please keep it up! ?

    - Kristy Tal

  • I’m so excited to have found you. This is something that I’ve been looking for for ages. After you’ve poured over Nourishing Traditions for years, what do you do then? You listen to this! Lots of encouragement and support.

    - No party for old women

  • Listening to Alison and Andrea feels like having afternoon tea with two good friends. They’re as inspiring as they are down to earth, and every episode I learn something new about ancestral food, bodies, careers and everything in between. Keep up the amazing work!

    - Nuttyfutures

  • Found what I was looking for! I couldn’t stop listening Ancestral Kitchen podcast for a couple of hours upon discovering it. Everything resonated with me so much! I later had to go back and listen to the same episodes again, but this time with a notebook and a pencil. I have recommended this podcast to my family and like-minded friends. You ladies are so inspiring! Keep doing your great work!

    - Dreamerhomesteader

  • The wisdom and experience of these women blows my mind. It has been such an inspiration to hear their projects - “failures” and successes both - and to try my own.

    - Skyler Aisha