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  • Meals at the Ancestral Hearth – Cookbook


    MealmealmeDownload Meals at the Ancestral Hearth, our 59-page (printer version) and 100-page (eBook version) cookery book, covering twenty of our favorite nutrient-dense dishes. These meals come directly from our kitchens – the result of feeding our families three times a day, seven days a week, and can be suited and adapted for any season and…

  • Spelt

    Spelt Sourdough Every Day – Cookbook


    Want to bring sourdough spelt into your own kitchen? Download Spelt Sourdough Every Day, the podcast’s go-to guide that distils a decade of Alison’s sourdough spelt baking experience into an ebook that’ll enable you to bring the wonders of this ancient grain and sourdough to life. The book, which is 71-page (printer version) and 110-page…