Meals at the Ancestral Hearth – Cookbook

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MealmealmeDownload Meals at the Ancestral Hearth, our 59-page (printer version) and 100-page (eBook version) cookery book, covering twenty of our favorite nutrient-dense dishes. These meals come directly from our kitchens – the result of feeding our families three times a day, seven days a week, and can be suited and adapted for any season and any region of the world.

Follow these recipes word-for-word or use them the way we do – as a springboard to create whatever version suits the season we are in! These could be the building blocks of a years’ worth of diverse dishes.

  • Twenty foundational recipes (including main courses, breads, beverages and desserts!)
  • Printer-friendly – color photographs are collected on the last few pages
  • Two PDFs of the book – one is formatted for printing, the other formatted for e-readers
  • Our go-to everyday Sourdough Spelt Bread
  • Lacto-Fermented Ice-Cream and Chewy Sourdough Oatmeal Cookies
  • The Ancestral Kitchen Challenge to take you deeper into your kitchen explorations
  • Four ancestral menus from our own kitchens
  • Water Kefir 101 in-depth with your questions answered and a foolproof guide for preparing at home
  • Our ancestral pantry listed in detail – what do we keep on hand in our kitchens?
  • Alison’s favorite kitchen tools
  • Andrea’s favorite butchering and preservation tools
  • An easy guide for preserving fresh eggs in spring – eggs that will keep fresh all year long!
  • Detailed guide for making sauerkraut the easy way, as well as a Pacific Northwest variation on kimchi

1 review for Meals at the Ancestral Hearth – Cookbook

  1. Laura

    While I was blessed by family meals around the table at home growing up, the meals were only a bit above the Standard American Diet and I did not really learn to cook as a child. I was a young adult well before the internet so I learned to cook mostly from cookbooks! I quickly found that my favorite cookbooks to learn from were the ones that included a bit of extra information about the ingredients and cooking methods in each recipe – and photographs so that I had a hint as to what my dish was supposed to wind up looking like.
    This cookbook from Andrea and Alison is exactly the best type of cookbook to learn from! And because their recipes are for the most part quite unique from other cookbooks I’ve used, I am so enjoying learning from them!
    I love that the ebook and print versions are included. In the kitchen I prefer working off a hard copy that I can jot notes onto, but I like to have electronic versions that I can reference on my phone when I’m at my farm store or farmer’s market (especially when something is on sale and I want to make sure I have the other ingredients for a particular recipe).
    Thank you, Alison and Andrea for adding to my cooking education!

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