#2 – Meet Alison

“For ages, I thought cooking wasn’t creativity, that creativity was art; it was music – that kind of thing. It took many gentle, soft words from my husband, Rob, and much experimenting and changing for me to realise that what I was doing in the kitchen was just as creative as writing music.”

Come meet Alison, the European half of Ancestral Kitchen, in this second ‘meet’ episode of our podcast.

You’ll hear about the life she’s created in Italy with her husband and 6-year old son. We cover her health journey, including her 10-stone (140lb) weight loss, carving a different path from the environment you grew up in, her kitchen set up, the joy ancestral food brings her, changing the food system and why connection is central to her life and cooking.

Alison’s website:


We’d love the conversation. Come find us on Instagram:

Andrea: www.instagram.com/farmandhearth

Alison: www.instagram.com/ancestral_kitchen

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