#9 – Quitting Supermarkets: Practical and Ethical Concerns

I spent a lot of my time researching and making connections with people to find my sources of food, and that takes time. – Alison

Not like I really knew what I was doing, I never know what I’m doing. – Andrea

Once it is ready, the bouza course we referred to will be loaded to the courses page on Alison’s blog, Ancestral Kitchen

“The chocolate book” we alluded to is The Secret Life of Chocolate by Marcos Patchett

In this podcast, Alison is asking us to help hold her accountable to leaving the super market! Feel free to leave comments on Instagram and ask us (both!) how it’s going!

I think I’m on a soapbox right now. – Andrea

Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes for more fascinating information on the strategy and science behind supermarkets.

Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes

Here’s an idea that we didn’t mention on this episode but you will hear more about later – share your farm and farmer’s market and direct market hauls with the hashtag #bringbackhighstreet !

Podcast with Ruth Layton

Once we change the habit it becomes easy to maintain it, it’s the actual push of the switch that requires more impetus. – Alison

A Few Resources 46:37

Eat Wild

Real Milk (WAPF Project)

Weston A. Price Foundation “Find Food/Local Chapter” tab

WAPF 50% Pledge

Shannon Hayes interview on a podcast where she talked about shoppers at the farmer’s market

(Shannon Hayes also has her own podcast, The Hearth of Sap Bush Hollow)

For my journey, the basics aren’t more expensive if you change what you expect and your habits. Bulk grains are cheaper than bread, offal is cheaper than meat. – Alison

To see how we changed some of our habits to accommodate eating better on a budget, check out this past episode: 5 Most Expensive (and yet, the cheapest!) Foods!

By talking about this I’m not trying to browbeat somebody into making a decision or a choice, what I’m trying to do is reveal to them what perhaps they weren’t aware of. – Andrea

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