#10 – Elly from Elly’s Everday; Sourdough-Baking & Soap-Making

“You can make really, really good bread using simple methods”

We’re so excited to welcome our first guest – Elly from Elly’s Everyday to talk about sourdough-baking and soap-making!

“My bread-making methods were developed when I was working full time in really difficult jobs and I needed it to be a no-brainer…I didn’t want to plan out my whole week around bread-making”

What we cover:

15:26 How we met Elly

18:55 Elly talking about being a bread new-comer

20:35 How Elly got into sourdough

26:00 How to tell if your sourdough starter is healthy

31:00 The problems that stop people baking sourdough

33:10 Feeding a sourdough starter

35:40 Elly’s starter maintenance method

44:20 Elly doesn’t ever make the same bread twice

45:23 The breads Elly regularly makes at home

47:15 Elly’s milling process

49:45 Gluten-free sourdough

1:00:25 Soap-making

1:06:40 How to get started with soap-making

1:08:20 How to find Elly’s recipes, videos and online homes

“There’s always an easier way to do it!”


Elly’s *new* website!

Elly’s IG account

Elly’s FB account

The 100% whole wheat video of Elly’s that Alison cooked up.


Elly’s Everyday Whole Grain Sourdough You Tube channel

Elly’s Everyday Soap-Making You Tube Channel

Elly’s Hot Cross Bun recipe

The Natural Tucker Bread Book – John Downes

Chris Stafferton (the gluten-free bread maker, author of Promise and Fulfillment

Mock Mill (Elly’s affiliate link)

Elly’s Split Pea Soup recipe (described 13:49)

11/2-2 cups yellow split peas

1 potato

1 onion

1 carrot

1 large ripe tomato

little bit of salt

Pot with water or stock

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