Kitchen Table Chats #34 – All About Garlic with Master Grower Megan Greenaway

These are the show notes for a podcast episode recorded especially for patrons of my main show (Ancestral Kitchen Podcast). These patrons pay a monthly subscription to be part of the podcast community and in return receive monthly exclusive recordings (like this private podcast) along with lots of extra resources. You can get access to…

Episode #62 Four Recipes from Angi Schneider’s books!

Patrons, enjoy this sneak peak into Angi’s cookbooks! Angi Schneider is one of our very own patrons of the show, and also a guest on the podcast this week! We obtained permission to share two recipes from each of her books to accompany the podcast interview. It was so hard to choose just four recipes,…

Episode #55 Anita from westonapricerecipes.com: Here are four of her recipes in printable .pdf format, including Andrea’s favourite, roast chicken, and her whipped pannacotta!

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Episode #49 Traditional Slovakian Food – Slovakian food demonstration that includes halusky (a dumpling), strapacky (a cooked sauerkraut dish that you can put on top of the dumplings!) and a lard crackling spread from Naomi at Almost Bananas

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2022 Christmas Hamper – our holiday gift for you! If we could, we’d roll it up and stick it in your stocking. In the hamper, you’ll find Andrea’s Christmas Cookie guide for making your favorites more ancestral, Alison’s grassmere gingerbread, links to our favorite Christmas carols and more!

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Episode #42 How To Get & Grind The Best Flour For Bread – watch the patron-only video we did with Elly where she shows us how she grinds her grains in the Mock Mill and mixes her bread!

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