#26 – Bones & Water – The Magic of Stock

Take the left-over bones from an animal, combine them with water and some gentle heat and then wait. You’ll be gifted with one of the most revered food stuffs worldwide: Stock. It’s nourishing, comforting, tasty and the base of so much good food. Listen in to hear us wax lyrical over this simple food, then talk about how we make it, the different types and how we use it in our kitchens.

#24 – Pizza!

Did you know that most Italians didn’t know our modern-day pizza until the 1970s or later? Listen in to hear the surprising history of the most-loved of Italian food along with an in-depth discussion of the practicalities of making it at home – dough, toppings and baking.

Bonus Episode! The 2022 Ancestral Kitchen Challenge

“The Ancestral Kitchen Challenge is here to spark your creative fire!” Andrea We are excited to announce the 2022 Ancestral Kitchen Challenge! This challenge is designed to spark excitement and creativity in your kitchen and hopefully push you in a few areas to try something new or revisit something long forgotten. You can adjust every…