#5 – What We’re Fermenting Right Now!

“Fermenting is an adventure!”

In this episode, we give a snapshot of what’s bubbling in our kitchens right now.

You’ll hear about:

Vegetable ferments such as sauerkraut, ginger carrots, purple onions, jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes), mustard and the all-powerful garlic.

Carbohydrate ferments including oatmeal, millet porridge, sowans, boza and sourdough starters.

Drinks (including the sowans and boza above) like fire cider, hard cider and water kefir.

Our conversation also works its way to wild v inoculated ferments and regular fermenting as a way to make meals in minutes. There are lots of breakfast options covered and you’ll also get a dose of Turkish and Scottish fermenting history as well as learning about a non-dairy, gluten-free, lectin-free fun alternative to dairy kefir.

Keep an eye on www.instagram.com/ancestralkitchenpodcast over the next week or so – we hope to share some of the fermentation recipes mentioned in this episode!

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