Kitchen Table Chats #32 – Red Light, Home Pig Butchery, Sausage Combos, Supporting Yourself During Illness

These are the show notes for a podcast episode recorded especially for patrons of my main show (Ancestral Kitchen Podcast). These patrons pay a monthly subscription to be part of the podcast community and in return receive monthly exclusive recordings (like this private podcast) along with lots of extra resources. You can get access to the recording and see how the community works by visiting www.patreon.com/ancestralkitchenpodcast.

In this episode, we talked about red lights in winter, home pig butchery, butchery collaborations, and mixing spices for sausage combinations; we discussed Alison’s winter sickness, medicinal foods, looking after yourself during times of illness and more. Some of the illness topics we discussed were cream of chicken soup, sauteed onions & butter, “Is the body winning” and cell salts from homeopathy.

Discord threads mentioned were “#butchery-and-parting” and “#no-comment-recipes” – patrons, be sure to join the Discord group so you can check them out and see the conversation, photos, recipes and more!


“Is the body winning the fight?” Supporting the body before, during and after illness, article Andrea mentioned

Onions in butter as medicine

Recovering after a long illness

Lung health

Not mentioned, but a lassi that Andrea found helpful when recovering from illness

The “colds and flu” Huberman Podcast episode Alison mentioned can be found here

The “light for health” episode Andrea mentioned can be found here

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