Kitchen Table Chats #34 – All About Garlic with Master Grower Megan Greenaway

These are the show notes for a podcast episode recorded especially for patrons of my main show (Ancestral Kitchen Podcast). These patrons pay a monthly subscription to be part of the podcast community and in return receive monthly exclusive recordings (like this private podcast) along with lots of extra resources. You can get access to the recording and see how the community works by visiting www.patreon.com/ancestralkitchenpodcast.

We welcome patron Megan Greenway of Orie’s Farm Fresh to a Kitchen Table Chat to talk about her area of expertise – Garlic!

We quiz Megan, answering all of the patron questions, covering:

  • garlic varieties
  • when and how to plant
  • mulch and pest control
  • harvesting and how best to store garlic
  • preserving garlic, including fermenting and dehydrating
  • elephant garlic
  • black garlic
  • the medicinal benefits of garlic
  • how to best peel garlic
  • lots of recipe ideas!


Megans’s site

Patrons of the podcast can use code ANCESTRAL to get 15% off their entire order at https://www.oriesfarmfresh.com

Kirsten Shockey’s course Master Fermented Garlic (10% discount automatically applied when you click this link (and you’ll be supporting the podcast))

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