Kitchen Table Chats #33 – Exploring Flavour Combos, New Books, Veganism to Butchery

These are the show notes for a podcast episode recorded especially for patrons of my main show (Ancestral Kitchen Podcast). These patrons pay a monthly subscription to be part of the podcast community and in return receive monthly exclusive recordings (like this private podcast) along with lots of extra resources. You can get access to the recording and see how the community works by visiting www.patreon.com/ancestralkitchenpodcast.

In this episode Alison and Andrea discussed turmeric drinks, Alison’s fried liver method, visiting the mineral springs at Bath, and some delightful books: The Flavour Thesaurus, Lateral Cooking, and A Cabin Full of Food. Then they shared about Meredith Leigh’s generous ebook gift to you, our patrons! Check the Treasure Trove to download a copy of From Vegan to Butcher: The Journey Towards Ethical Meat, by Meredith Leigh. Andrea and Alison discussed the book and read a few passages from it aloud.

Resources and topics mentioned:

Young Living Mango Rose Turmeric Powder

Let’s visit Bath!

The Flavour Thesaurus, by Niki Segnit

Lateral Cooking, by Niki Segnit

A Cabin Full of Food, by Marie Beausoleil

Meredith’s E-Book: Check the Treasure Trove to download your copy

Meredith’s classes at The Fermentation School; Enter code AKP to get 10% discount on any course

Charlotte Mason

Literary Life Podcast

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