Boza – The Probiotic Millet Drink




Do you want a fun and interesting way to get more probiotics into your life?

Are you interested in a dairy-freegluten-free and lectin-free tasty probiotic drink?

Would you like Alison to walk you through how to bring an ancestral, super-successful fermentation recipe to life in your kitchen?

Boza fermenting in my kitchen

From Alison: When I first heard of Boza, the probiotic millet drink that’s a household name in Turkey, I was surprised. I’d never heard of it. I did a little digging and despite learning that fermented millet drinks have been made in Europe since the 8th/9th century B.C.E., I couldn’t find anyone in online fermentation communities making this drink.

I wanted to! Not only was I curious to taste this historic drink, but I’d been looking for another source of probiotics for my son, who is dairy and lectin sensitive. Boza is dairy-free, gluten-free, lectin-free (and vegan) as well as fizzy and fun to drink.

So I dug into historical records, stories of how it’s made now, forums where people shared what they knew about making this drink. And, armed with that knowledge, I set about experimenting in my own kitchen.

My son, enjoying a Boza-based smoothie

This video course is the culmination of those experiments. It comes from a kitchen where Boza is made weekly and always in the fridge; one with a 7-year old who can’t wait to have his daily cup!

I’d love to guide you through how to bring this fun, fizzy, super-healthy probiotic drink to life in your kitchen!

What you’ll get:

  • 35+ minutes of high-quality video instructions
  • 2 downloadable step-by-step .pdfs
  • Extra photos and videos
  • FAQs and the chance to ask any questions that you have about the method/drink

By the end of the course, you’ll know:

  • What Boza is and its history
  • How to make a one-off ‘starter‘ to begin your Boza journey
  • How to use this ‘starter’ to make 1.5 litres (quarts) of Boza
  • How to store Boza/How long it lasts
  • How Boza is traditionally drunk and how you can drink it
  • How to continue to have a Boza supply without having to make the starter again
  • How to take a break from Boza yet maintain your ‘starter’
  • How to vary and personalise your drink with different grainssweeteners and flavourings

Please note: This is my version of Boza. It comes from a kitchen where sugar is not often consumed. Because of that I don’t believe the drink tastes as sweet as the Boza served in Turkey today – where sugar is added before serving. You can adapt the end result and add sugar yourself, if you’d like (and I’ll explain options for doing that), but I, and the rest of my family, love it just how I make it here!

For the €25 (which converts to a little under $28/22GBP), you get access to all the content, in perpetuity.


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