Wholegrain Rye Sourdough Bread: Mastering The Basics




Would you love to be able to create delicious wholegrain rye sourdough breads in your kitchen?

Alison’s course Wholegrain Rye Sourdough Bread: Mastering The Basics will teach you everything you need know to get creating rye breads at home whether you’re a complete sourdough novice or a seasoned baker!

You’ll learn:

  • Rye’s rich history.
  • Why rye sourdough is such a good health choice, especially if you struggle to digest wheat.
  • How to create and easily maintain a rye sourdough starter.
  • How to bake an Everyday Rye Sourdough loaf.
  • How to use more advanced techniques to create a delicious Russian Borodinsky-style sourdough loaf.
  • How to use your sourdough discard including two in-depth recipes for discard pancakes and discard spice bread.

The course has over two hours of video instruction plus many additional downloadable files. The standard price is $110 but if you use the button under the course title above to buy the course from The Fermentation School you’ll get an exclusive podcast discount of 10%, bringing the world of sourdough rye bread to you for 99USD.


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