#12 – Why I Gave Away My iPhone

“Everything about getting rid of my iPhone came down to health. “ -Alison

In just two short generations, tech has slowly crept into our lives in more and more ways, eating away at our time and our sanity in so many insidious ways. In this episode, Andrea interviews Alison and Rob about their tech use, the over-use that caused Alison to re-evaluate the way she was implementing tech in her life, and why they decided to get rid of their smart phones. Rob will provide tips on the technical side, and we will all discuss how to live fully with less distractions!

Tech can steal from us. It sneaks into our lives in little ways, here and there.” -Alison

What we cover:

As always, we start out discussing what we ate before getting on to record! Skip the food intro: 11:20

Summarise the Issue: What are the Two Key Problems? 11:39

You Gave Away Your iPhone … What Else Has Changed: 15:55

What Do You Use Now: 17:00

How Are You Using & Receiving Differently Now? 21:15

How Do You Approach It Now: 24:24

The Physical Effects: 26:40

Meeting Rob: 29:15

Rob’s Story: 29:58

The Process of Recovery: 37:00

The Physical Effect Screens Have on Us: 38:30

What is an e-Ink Screen: 41:05

Electronic Frequency Patterns: 45:00

How Do We Mitigate Screen Damage? 46:18

The Effects of Wi-Fi: 51:30

How Do We Mitigate Wi-Fi Damage? 53:08

EMF Test Apps: 57:00

“I had to balance the technology I was using with the impact it had on me.” –Rob

Alison Comes Back In: 57:43

Upcoming – Patreon Feed Interview with Rob: 58:25

Introducing The Psychological Effects: 59:45

How I Work Now: 01:00:53

“Life opens up so much more …” Alison

Results of the Social Media Break: 01:09:51

Time Blocking Social Media Engagement: 01:11:51

Taking Sundays Off: 01:12:18

Moon Time: 01:15:15

Follow or Unfollow? 01:16:44

“I have to trust that what I’m doing with Ancestral Kitchen will grow through me doing things that bring me joy, not through things that I think I should be doing… It’s been an incredibly hard thing for me to do to trust myself… ” – Alison 01:18:40

Time Frame for Tech Usage: 01:23:53

A Positive Approach to Tech Limiting: 01:25:19

“My self-trust has deepened.” – Alison

Summarizing the Changes: 01:28:07

Alison’s Final Thoughts: 01:29:07

Access to the Exclusive Patreon Feed: 01:31:12

“Sometimes you’re gonna fail and you’ll get sucked back in – but not all the time.” – Alison

Resources Mentioned

eReader tablet link: Onyx books

“Life opens up more when you don’t have a phone.” -Alison

Iris Software (bluelight and eye protection software)

Rob’s Music

Phones apps to test EMF

The Boza Course on Ancestral Kitchen

Listen to Alison read Wuthering Heights! Commonplace Read-aloud Podcast

We’d love to continue the conversation! Come find us on Instagram:

Andrea is at Farm and Hearth

Alison is at Ancestral Kitchen

The podcast is at Ancestral Kitchen Podcast

Original Music, Episode Mixing and Post-Production by Robert Michael Kay

“We have our evenings back.” -Alison

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