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Listen in to the replay of our February 2024 Patron call! Check your private podcast feed for the audio-only version of this call.

In this call, we discussed the latest WAPF Journal, GAPS, grass-fed beef, tallow, lard and butter; Megan’s organic farm (www.oriesfarmfresh.com), foraging, cooking with wild nettles, and so much more. Patrons, check your private Discord server to see more threads discussing everything we talked about here and jump in the conversation!

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As promised in the video – my baconnaise recipe! I took this from my Instagram, www.instagram.com/farmandhearth

– Andrea

I originally started making this when we transitioned to cooking a REAL WHOLE FOOD kitchen lifestyle and I couldn’t afford the $$$ to buy fat to make mayonnaise. I hoarded our bacon fat for this. I’ve used any fat, you name it, to make mayonnaise (coconut oil too!) 😆 as long as I mix in SOME of a liquid fat so it’s super spreadable, I’m happy.


*Use any mayo recipe and make half or more of the fat be melted but not boiling hot bacon fat 😆😆 ok that’s it.*

✔ But here’s a recipe, too:

3 pasture raised nutrient rich eggs
Sea salt to taste (1/2 to 1-1/2 tsp)
Optional: 1 tsp mustard or mustard powder
Optional: 1 tbsp whey
Optional: extra yolks
1-3/4 oil/fat, at least half or more of which should be melted but not boiling hot bacon fat, and at least 1/2 cup a liquid oil like olive or avocado

1. Put everything but the oil in a blender.

2. Increase speed to high.

3. Slowly drizzle oil in, in a steady stream – it will emulsify fairly rapidly, then pour in the rest of the oil while you turn speed down to low and then off.

(For years I did this with a stick blender that I had to unlock and open to add oil to every time, no drizzling option available and it worked in that, too.)

4. IF YOU ADDED WHEY, let sit tightly capped at room temp 7 hours before refrigerating.

5a. WITH WHEY it will store in the fridge several months. (PRO TIP for those who want to BIG BATCH make a TON in one day.)

5b. WITHOUT WHEY store in the fridge 2 – 3 weeks

. . . . . . . . . . .

Won’t emulsify!?

Don’t throw it out!!!!

If your mixture “breaks” the internet provides TONS of ideas for fixing it.

If it happens to me I pour the broken mixture into a bowl, put a few eggs in blender and start over drizzling in the already broken mixture.

Using whole eggs not just yolks definitely increases odds of mixture not breaking 😆 ask me how I know….

Don’t be frustrated just patiently keep working it ☺

. . . . . . . . .

Sandwich spread – blend in ANY seasonings or herbs you like!

Tartar Sauce – add homemade relish and stir in.

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