My Journey from Vegan to Ethical Meat by Meredith Leigh

Click here to download Meredith Leigh’s offering to our patrons, her ebook, My Journey from Vegan to Ethical Meat. We talk about this in the March 2024 KTC podcast and you can aso hear Meredith in Ancestral Kitchen Podcast #77. This is a book full of truth, passion and things we resonate with! Please note…


50 Ways to Save Money on an Ancestral Diet

“I just can’t afford to eat ancestrally” is something that we hear all the time. And we get that, the mainstream, shop-bought side of ancestral eating can sometimes be eye-wateringly expensive. Notwithstanding that we’ve both been eating this way on a very tight budget for over a decade each. In episodes 66 and 67 we…


The Ancestral Kitchen Challenge

Want to move forward in your kitchen? Been meaning to try that new ferment? Find a bread recipe for your family? Tackle that recipe you’ve been avoiding?! Looking for ideas, support and encouragement? The Ancestral Kitchen Challenge is here to help. We came up with it in response to all the messages we’ve received from people who love…

A Working Bee Menu – free ebook download

Click here to download Andrea was recently a guest on Melissa K Norris’ podcast and created a mini ebook for the episode! Listen to episode # 400 of Pioneering Today, all about working bees and group work projects, and download the menu of some of Andrea’s favorite meals to make ahead for those busy day!

Episode #62 Four Recipes from Angi Schneider’s books!

Patrons, enjoy this sneak peak into Angi’s cookbooks! Angi Schneider is one of our very own patrons of the show, and also a guest on the podcast this week! We obtained permission to share two recipes from each of her books to accompany the podcast interview. It was so hard to choose just four recipes,…

Episode #55 Anita from Here are four of her recipes in printable .pdf format, including Andrea’s favourite, roast chicken, and her whipped pannacotta!

Click here to download